Odoo Training for

4 Weeks
Course Duration
6 Modules
Course Structure
Training hours

Course Program
What will you learn?

DevOps & System Administration

Linux & Debian
Introduction to Bash and the CLI
Odoo Installation and deployment
Introduction to Docker
Overview of odoo.sh / rapsodoo.sh


Syntax and general programming concepts;
Flow control;
Data structures;
Python StdLib, Ecosystem and tools


Main concepts;
Fork, branches, merges, PRs;
Branching Model;
Basi di System administration

Introduction to the SQL language


Odoo Funtional

Introduction to Odoo and Odoo apps;
Main business flows;
Accounting (both Odoo’s and Rapsodoo’s one);
CRM, sales and purchases;
Logistic and warehouse;
Project, timesheets

Odoo Development

Introduzione all'Architettura Tecnica Odoo;
MVC in Odoo;
Odoo Module Structure;
The Odoo ORM;
Odoo Inheritance Model;
Advanced ORM concepts;
Odoo Views, Actions and Menuitems;
Security and Access Rules;
Reports and Report Templates

Course objectives

The For Odoo Developer Course aims to train young professionals in the Odoo field.

A service designed to offer 360° training on Odoo, aimed at specialists in the sector who want to keep up to date, for companies that wish to internally configure the various modules that Odoo makes available.

Admission procedures

The course is FREE!

To be admitted, you must become a member of the Rapsodoo Academy, pass an online admission test that will guarantee access to the course.

Candidates who pass the admission test will receive, at least one week before the start of the course, an email with the positive outcome of the test and therefore the right to access the course.

Where and when?

The Odoo for Developer course is an exclusively online course. All our teachers will be available to learners by e-mail to answer any questions.
The starting date of the course is scheduled for July 4th. The dates of the individual events may vary according to the needs of the participants.

The commitment will be 3 days a week (Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Friday morning) for 4 consecutive weeks.

Final Exam

At the end of the course there is an evaluation exam.
Students who pass it will receive a certificate of participation in the course with positive evaluation.

Rapsodoo will scrupulously evaluate the path of each student to offer the most deserving a job offer.