Rapsodoo was born with the aim of spreading and making Odoo known in all its facets, to use it at its best and without limits. 

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Why choose Rapsodoo Academy?

Rapsodoo Academy is the gateway to a complete and highly specialized training, which combines the ten-year experience of Rapsodoo's founders and collaborators with the passion for the Odoo world. A training offer with different levels of depth to strengthen your knowledge on the Odoo Enterprise digital platform. Rapsodoo considers training to be of primary importance and supports the growth of its staff, stakeholders and customers by promoting and organizing training courses in the digital and IT fields.
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Rapsodoo Academy

Training Events


The "Odoo for Developer" course will start every month with a duration of 4 weeks.

To be admitted it will be necessary become a member of the Rapsodoo Academy, enroll in the course and pass an online admission test that will guarantee access to the course.

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The "Odoo for Business Analyst" course lasts 3 weeks.
The event is free for all Rapsodoo Academy members!
To receive the access link just register for the event.

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"Effective demos with Odoo"

We are waiting for you on Wednesday 25 May from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm. Lucio Valente from Rapsodoo and Marco Villari from Odoo will try to give some ideas and present some best practices to make the demos on Odoo as effective as possible.

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Why did we choose to become an Odoo Partner?

Odoo is an open source business app suite whose key principle is to empower the customer to implement. In Rapsodoo we all work with passion on the constant implementation of the software so that today we are Gold Partner of Odoo in 3 countries as well as among the main partners of Odoo in Europe.